ASP-Ajaxed 2.1.1: Finding my feet

Woot! ASP Ajaxed 2.1.1 is up. :)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I took over the ASP Ajaxed project in the hopes of keeping it alive. I'm still orienting myself to how Google Code hosts projects, and I'm still trying to figure out just how I'm going to go about running this particular project.

One of the things I found when converting the source control from svn to hg was that there were some bug fixes that were not in the posted 2.1 release. I added a couple of fixes of my own, and a new feature - a SHA256() hashing function - and published version 2.1.1.

Hopefully soon I'll have a little more about the plans and intentions for this little project.

Keeping a good thing going

I do a lot of Classic ASP/VBScript programming - It's what my bread-winning project is built in, it's what my side projects are built in, it's what Snitz Forums (a FLOSS project I help with) is written in.

One of the things that has made my life a little easier is a neat little ASP/VBScript framework over at I've integrated it into the LMS I built for work, and a few other work-related projects. I love it.

Unfortunately, the owner passed away and the project has slowly faded away. Recently the main site disappeared... Not wanting to see a good code base go to waste, I've taken ownership of the project (with the blessing of one of the remaining project members).

I'm not sure where I'm going to begin in getting this thing back up and running, but I do want to keep this project alive and better maintained. Look for more updates to come. :)

New Year, New Projects, New Blog

Well... the last part is a bit of a stretch. I've had this account for quite some time.

I was recently updating my CV over at Stack Overflow Careers and it occurred to me that one thing I'm really short on is publicly available projects and writing... time to fix that.

I would love to tell you that I have a plan, and can outline everything this blog will and will not be - but I'd be lying. Waiting until the plan coalesced is why it's now 2013 and I'm just now posting.

I can tell you that this is not going to have a singular focus. I will most likely have a heavy focus on tech as that's where I work and play - but I will also write about religion, politics, and maybe a few things of a more personal nature. Jeff Jarvis has often spoke of the therapeutic value of blogging about health issues (and I have a few) so I may throw a few of those out there as well.

We'll see where this goes...